How to Best Protect Your Privacy Online

online privacy

It's easy not to think about protecting your privacy online. After all, the fun seem to never end when you have your daily ration of Facebook or Twitter or RPG games on your fave device online, an iPad propped on its sleek iPad mini keyboard for … [Read more...]

How to Minimize Phone Usage When Traveling

Phone Travel

Let’s face it, travelling costs. From food and lodging to souvenirs and spur-of-the-moment buying sprees. It seems like second-nature already. But when you return home, the last thing you’d want is to face a credit card debt bundled with a mountain … [Read more...]

How to Stay Secure Using a Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi

Nowadays, it’s easy to be lured by the prospects of free Wi-Fi. However, if you’re thinking you’ve got it lucky finding a public Wi-Fi to access . For the uninitiated, a public Wi-Fi could be heaven-sent. However, on the contrary, it actually is a … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life in 3 Easy Steps


Right when you need it most, when you’re about to send that all-intriguing photo on your FB, for instance, or delete some undesirable tweets you’ve hastily made to some NBA expert wannabe you’ve come to despise, your iPhone goes dark. Yeah, it … [Read more...]

How to Turn Your iPhone into an Emergency Kit

iPhone into an Emergency Kit

With thousands of apps at your beck and call, there’s no question your iPhone can easily become your best everyday companion. Just imagine a day without the device. Sounds like the end of the world right? However, surprisingly your iPhone is more … [Read more...]

Enhancing Your iPhone’s Battery Life – Presence of Mind

Apple Batteries

As the last “entry” to our ongoing focus on how you can enhance your iPhone’s battery life, we’ll be touching up on one almost always forgotten about aspect in mobile phone care and use – always having the presence of mind to be aware of what your … [Read more...]

Enhancing Your iPhone’s Battery Life – The Importance of Software Updates

iphone apps

Though not exactly the most active of strategies involved in enhancing the performance of your iPhone, installing software updates when they are made available is known to be a good move, one that isn’t just about having the latest versions of your … [Read more...]

How to install custom ringtones to your iPhone


Gone are the days when iPhone users had to jailbreak their phones just to install custom ringtones, what with the recent updated versions of iOS and iTunes. If you’ve long wanted to add your own custom tone to your mobile device, here’s a quick … [Read more...]

Enhancing your iPhone’s Battery – Limiting Location-based Services


While the issue of short battery charge-recharge rates have significantly lessened for smartphones and tablets with the availability of power banks, there’s no reason why electronic consumers can’t further lessen their device’s battery’s lifespan via … [Read more...]

Enhancing Your iPhone’s Battery Life – Managing Data Fetching Intervals


The iPhone, as a mobile communication device, is designed to be proactive in the way it delivers updated information to users – specifically with online-based content. While this function of the iPhone does come as an upside, its downside can be … [Read more...]