New Nokia 3310 release date is HERE (and yes, it comes with Snake preinstalled)


The Nokia 3310 is back! Nokia unveiled its reimagining of the modern classic on-stage today during its press conference at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow, in Barcelona. According to Nokia, the refreshed 3310 is “thin, light and … [Read more...]

What rumors about a new screen on the next iPhone could actually mean for you


Early excitement about the next generation of the iPhone is building months ahead of an expected fall debut. Analysts expect Apple to release three iPhones this year, but the one getting the most attention is a rumored super-premium model to … [Read more...]

iPhone 8 release date, news


2007 - iPhone 2008 - iPhone 3G 2009 - iPhone 3GS 2010 - iPhone 4 (new design) 2011 - iPhone 4s 2012 - iPhone 5 (new design) 2013 - iPhone 5s 2014 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (new design) 2015 - iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus 2016 - iPhone 7 … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 8 in pictures


The iPhone turns 10 this year and to commemorate the occasion, industry analysts are expecting Apple to skip the now traditional 'S' incremental upgrade and go straight for iPhone 8. Regardless of the name, many are hoping Apple will introduce some … [Read more...]

iPhone 8: The 5 most exciting changes we expect


Design After three consecutive years with nearly identical designs, iPhone lovers will undoubtedly breathe a sigh of relief in 2017. According to about a dozen independent reports, the iPhone 8 will feature a top-to-bottom design … [Read more...]

iPhone 8 will recognize its owner’s face: Handset will have special laser sensors


Apple's iPhone 8 may still be months away, but the rumors about the highly anticipated smartphone are flooding the internet. The latest rumor was leaked by Cowen and Company that suggests this year's tenth anniversary handset will have 'some … [Read more...]

iPhone 8 release date, news and rumors


The iPhone 7 has only been on sale for a while, but all we seem to be hearing are rumours about the iPhone 8. We think Apple might well be holding back some major updates and improvements for the iPhone 8, which will be launched on the 10th … [Read more...]

Apple to buy Beats for a mere $3 billion?


Trendy and colorful designs, endorsed by Premier League Footballers, with a technology to match, Beats headphones has been an earmark in the world of compact mp3 players in the music universe. Aside from their product, Beats Music streaming services … [Read more...]

Song identification feature reported as upcoming highlight in iOS 8

soundwaves with apple logo

Talk of Apple reportedly in the process of incorporating a song identification system in the upcoming version of iOS 8 has been rife, with other rumors noting that the said feature may just come with Siri-anchored integrations in the new iOS … [Read more...]

A “low-cost” iMac to be launched soon?


Prior to the release of the iPhone 5C, the notion of Apple coming up with “low-cost” product variants seemed to be unlikely, considering how the brand had established itself in offering only premium rated devices that are made from the finest of … [Read more...]