Apple rolls out another OSX 10.9.3 Beta


Apple recently rolled out another beta version for developers of its OSX 10.9.3 operating system, close to a week after a first version release was launched. As with most OSX beta release versions, the second installment came with enhancements and … [Read more...]

Apple’s Rumored ‘iWatch’


If anything, this year’s CES proved to one and all that today’s competitive developers, manufacturers and brands are keen on churning out gadgets and gizmos that fall into the “wearable technology” spectrum of gadgets. From smartwatches to tech … [Read more...]

Whited00r’s App Time Machine

Whited00r 7

As the leading custom firmware of choice for old gen iPhones and iPod Touch units, Whited00r’s latest version – Whited00r 7 – has earned the nods of countless old gen iDevice owners, given the well-thought-of features and function sets built into … [Read more...]

The New Whited00r 7

Whited00r 7

Owners of older gen iPhones and iPod touch units are sure to love the latest release of Whited00r, one of the world’s most well received third-party developed custom iOS firmware options up and about. Specially made for the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, … [Read more...]

BBM for iOS alleged to be on its way

BBM for iOS

A Twitter post by BlackBerry’s Alex Kinsella has been the subject of a lot of attention recently, with the post noting that BlackBerry Messenger for the iOS platform is well on its way. “Just in case we forgot to mention, BBM for iPhone was … [Read more...]

The Updated Flickr for iOS – Should Instagram be worried?

Updated Flickr

In line with Yahoo’s recent string of updates for its web-based services, the iOS version of the Flickr app – Yahoo’s photo sharing service suite – recently rolled out with an update, one bearing significant changes that pegs it as a direct … [Read more...]

Google’s Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS

Google Multiplatform Chief Sundar Pichai at D11 on the Evolution of Openness

Google, during the course of the D11 conference held his week, announced its plans of featuring Google Play All Access to the iOS platform, apart from rolling out in other mobile operating systems. Announced by senior vice president for Android, … [Read more...]

Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood: A “Tower Defense” Game with a Twist

Goblin Defenders Steel 'n' Wood

As a “tower defense” game, Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood takes a dynamic, proactive take in how gameplay experiences with such game genres are at their highest of peaks. With most games of its class entailing attacks coming from one direction, … [Read more...]

Real Racing 3 for the iOS – The racing game of racing games

Real Racing

iDevice owners are quite familiar with the Real Racing game title series, famous for taking on a real-life take in the highly immersed world of racing cars and races. From the initial release of Real Racing in 2009, the franchise’s popularity led … [Read more...]

Is Samsung intent on cramping the app options for the iOS with a contest with a total of $800,000 at stake?

Wanted Apps for Galaxy Smartphones

A report featured the Wall Street Journal talks of a contest being spearheaded by Samsung, one which calls third-party developers to develop a line of Galaxy-specific apps. According to the report, the contest seeks out 10 winners, with a prize … [Read more...]