Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for the iOS


Developed by Square Enix, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light may have been around for close to two years, but its popularity remains to be unwavering as one of the best game titles for iPhones and iPads. Taking after the in-game premise of the … [Read more...]

Standout games for the iOS – Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Ace Patrols

Gone are the days when games for Apple-branded devices were limited to plain, simple games that are without a level of excitement and fun. If anything, the fact that iDevice users are more inclined to download and install games in iPhones and … [Read more...]

AppleCare to offer in-store iOS device repair services by fall this year


Good news for iDevice owners; AppleCare will be offering a new range of services by fall this year, including in-store iOS device repair services that covers products which are already beyond their warranty terms. In a report featured by … [Read more...]

Apple’s “All-Time Top Apps” is revealed, part of its 50 billion app download countdown

All-Time Top Apps

In line with its 50 billion app downloads countdown, Apple recently featured its “All-Time Top Apps” list, featuring the top downloaded apps of Apple’s App Store. The overall premise of the list is essentially no different from last year’s and … [Read more...]

Blockbuster On Demand for the iOS now available


Movie rental company Blockbuster recently released its Blockbuster On Demand for the iOS app, with the application developed to facilitate on demand video streaming tasks. Acquired by the Dish Network in 2011, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in … [Read more...]

Updated Twitter for iOS app features access to trending topics

Updated Twitter for iOS

Twitter recently rolled out an update for its Twitter for the iOS app, offering a new feature that provides user access to global trending topics. Also updated with relevant bug fixes and system enhancements, the new Twitter for the iOS comes with … [Read more...]

iMessage glitch filters a number of words (like “surprise” and “Obama”)

iMessage glitch filters

The Verge reports that a glitch in Apple’s iMessage messaging application suite has resulted to the deletion or filtering of certain words, particularly the last word of a composed message. Among the words being cited to be filtered are … [Read more...]

“Download Later” option now available in iOS 6 and iTunes 11

Download Later

A “download later” option for the iOS 6 and iTunes 11 suite was recently added as a part of the selection of function control options featured in the two app purchasing and management utilities. At its most basic, the new feature essentially arms … [Read more...]

Live Streaming now featured in the new YouTube for iOS App

YouTube for iOS App

A new version of the YouTube for iOS was recently launched by Google, featuring a string of in-app performance fixes and modifications, along with the inclusion of new features and functions. At the top of those new features would be the suite’s … [Read more...]

Pocket for the iOS gets a substantial update

Pocket for the iOS gets a substantial update

At its core, Pocket stands out as a digital content reader and management suite for mobile devices, made to help its users gain quick access to different content and media. Formerly known as “Read It Later”, the service recently rolled out a … [Read more...]