Song identification feature reported as upcoming highlight in iOS 8

soundwaves with apple logo

Talk of Apple reportedly in the process of incorporating a song identification system in the upcoming version of iOS 8 has been rife, with other rumors noting that the said feature may just come with Siri-anchored integrations in the new iOS … [Read more...]

So where’s Office for the iPad now?

microsoft office for ipad

When Smashiphone last talked about Microsoft’s Office for the iPad, we pretty much covered the different allegations noting that the Redmond-based company is seeing to the roll out of the software product for iOS, not for its Windows 8 for tablets … [Read more...]

“iPad Pro” production alleged to be on hold


Word has recently come up that the production of Apple’s “iPad Pro” has been put on hold due to issues related to component supply availability. Based on different leaks and rumors newsbits hailing from Taiwan, it is noted that the larger screen … [Read more...]

Office for the iPad alleged to rollout before its Windows 8 Version


It’s no secret that Microsoft has recently lost its once-prominent standing the consumer electronic realms, yielding to today’s popular range of mobile operating systems, tablets and smartphones. A new rumor delving into a new version of the … [Read more...]

iPad or iPhone as Future Home Remote Control


Several blog posts have pieces of information about remote controlled home fixtures, with a little off the wall ideas and jaw-dropping prices for installation, programming, and the furniture or appliance itself. Some app experts and no doubt Apple, … [Read more...]

iPad Air Teardown Reveals Cheaper Costs


IHS figured out the costs of iPad Air to be cheaper than iPad 3. According to Jacob Kleinman of TechnoBuffalo, "With a lower build cost, higher price tag and booming sales, Apple stands to make a mountain of cash off the iPad Air". But technical … [Read more...]

iPad Mini 2 May Be In Short Supply


If you're thinking of buying the iPad Mini 2 as a Christmas present, you might have to think again if you're planning to give it this year. With its good reviews from critics, around 9 million potential buyers could be chasing about 4 million of … [Read more...]

iFixit Already Disintegrated New iPad Air


While you are still bombarded with the thoughts and talks of iPad Air, confronted with the motive of buying or not, while Apple has just resolved the issue of iPad Mini 2 production, and Apple Stores busily selling the hot stuff; iFixit has already … [Read more...]

Five Best iPad App to Ignite Your Child’s Reading Ability

iPad App for children

While it may be true that the iPad may never really completely eradicate man’s thirst for traditional books, it can certainly open your child’s mind to the wonders of reading, given the right apps of course. Stationed in the comforts of a suitable … [Read more...]

Easy Steps to Maximize your iPad’s Battery Life

Apple Batteries

You could get so absorbed in your brand new iPad– especially if it’s sitting comfortably on its elegant iPad keyboard case- that chances are you won’t notice its power draining. Before you have that grouchy look and a raised eyebrow, here are easy … [Read more...]