New Nokia 3310 release date is HERE (and yes, it comes with Snake preinstalled)


The Nokia 3310 is back! Nokia unveiled its reimagining of the modern classic on-stage today during its press conference at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow, in Barcelona. According to Nokia, the refreshed 3310 is “thin, light and … [Read more...]

New Lumia to be unveiled this May 14

New Lumia

While Samsung has long been established as Apple’s main rival when talking about smartphones and tablets, former industry leader Nokia is still not out of the fight, though its standing as a one of the leading brands has been widely questioned in the … [Read more...]

Nokia’s “Here” now available for the iOS


As Apple had raked in negative criticisms and sentiments from its in-house mapping service/app known as Maps, different iDevice users have opted for alternative options, with the web version of Google Maps being the popular alternative of … [Read more...]

Apple is third, Nokia is second, Samsung is first

mobile phones

It’s no secret that mobile brands are at constant war with each other, with each brand vying for top positions in any chart ranking, often initiated by various organizations, business investment firms and industry watchguards. With electronic … [Read more...]

“Wait… there are other phones?” causes a stir


The Nokia-Microsoft collaboration that is the Lumia recently came out, standing up as Nokia and Microsoft’s answer to the models and featured software/OSes sported by the two brand’s respective competitors. Boasting the combined hardware … [Read more...]