Apple’s (RED) Contributions reaches $70 million mark


Apple’s (RED) contributions, in the fight against AIDS, recently reached a $70 million mark – as shared by the charity through its official Twitter account. Posted on (RED)’s official Twitter over the weekend, the money raised hails from Apple’s … [Read more...]

Apple rolls out another OSX 10.9.3 Beta


Apple recently rolled out another beta version for developers of its OSX 10.9.3 operating system, close to a week after a first version release was launched. As with most OSX beta release versions, the second installment came with enhancements and … [Read more...]

So where’s Office for the iPad now?

microsoft office for ipad

When Smashiphone last talked about Microsoft’s Office for the iPad, we pretty much covered the different allegations noting that the Redmond-based company is seeing to the roll out of the software product for iOS, not for its Windows 8 for tablets … [Read more...]

“iPad Pro” production alleged to be on hold


Word has recently come up that the production of Apple’s “iPad Pro” has been put on hold due to issues related to component supply availability. Based on different leaks and rumors newsbits hailing from Taiwan, it is noted that the larger screen … [Read more...]

Apple released iOS 7 Bug Fix for iPhone

bug fix

Spies and hackers have long been targeting Mac and Apple gizmos due to its largest share of the technology market in the US. Lately there has been a commotion about a terrible flaw in Apple’s software that could cause malignant effects to the … [Read more...]

Office for the iPad alleged to rollout before its Windows 8 Version


It’s no secret that Microsoft has recently lost its once-prominent standing the consumer electronic realms, yielding to today’s popular range of mobile operating systems, tablets and smartphones. A new rumor delving into a new version of the … [Read more...]

Apple’s Rumored ‘iWatch’


If anything, this year’s CES proved to one and all that today’s competitive developers, manufacturers and brands are keen on churning out gadgets and gizmos that fall into the “wearable technology” spectrum of gadgets. From smartwatches to tech … [Read more...]

Whited00r’s App Time Machine

Whited00r 7

As the leading custom firmware of choice for old gen iPhones and iPod Touch units, Whited00r’s latest version – Whited00r 7 – has earned the nods of countless old gen iDevice owners, given the well-thought-of features and function sets built into … [Read more...]

The New Whited00r 7

Whited00r 7

Owners of older gen iPhones and iPod touch units are sure to love the latest release of Whited00r, one of the world’s most well received third-party developed custom iOS firmware options up and about. Specially made for the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, … [Read more...]

Apple Celebrates its 30th Birthday


Apple celebrated its 30th birthday last Friday, hosting a special event held in its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple employees and guests were treated to a live performance by One Republic during the course of the celebrations, truly … [Read more...]