The Galaxy Core: Samsung’s answer to the alleged entry-level iPhone?


With the ongoing rumors of Apple intent on rolling out an entry-level variant of its highly successful iPhone series, Samsung recently announced a tangible, real mobile phone that works on the rumored entry-level iPhone’s premise. Dubbed as the … [Read more...]

Ferrer’s pro S4 Tweet using an iPhone

Ferrer’s pro S4 Tweet using an iPhone

With mobile phone manufacturers evidently getting more bullish in their marketing and advertising endeavors, instances of celebrity endorsers getting “caught” using the competition’s products have become common place. Most notable would be Oprah … [Read more...]

The new Xperia Transfer “courts” iOS users with iPhone to Xperia transfer features

iPhone to Xperia transfer features

Sony recently rolled out a new version Xperia Transfer software, which is essentially a PC app that allows for the seamless transfer of iPhone contacts and saved data to Xperia handsets. With “platform converts” or “platform shifters” now gaining … [Read more...]

The Galaxy Note 8.0 – Samsung’s Answer to the iPad Mini


Samsung’s heavily talked about Galaxy Note 8.0 finally made its debut during the course of the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. Measuring 8 inches in size, the “phtablet” is essentially positioned as the Korean-smartdevice maker’s answer … [Read more...]

Samsung fights back

samsung fights back

A number of reports have lately been circulating online, touching up on Samsung’s intention to run a series of “anti-Apple” advertisements focusing on a comparative take on the Korean brand’s Galaxy S III and Apple’s recently debuted iPhone … [Read more...]

Samsung pays Apple in 1.049 billion in coins?


Following after Apple’s win in the mutual patent infringement case against now-smartphone global leader Samsung, a newsbit, albeit fraudulent, has earned a significant following among netizens, Apple and Samsung followers. With the newsbit’s lead … [Read more...]

Apple VS Samsung, yet again

Apple VS Samsung, yet again

Apple recently filed a motion for injunction against Samsung, specifically towards the Korean-brand’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. The filing came after Apple won its appeal from federal courts, and was filed last Friday. Long story short, if things would … [Read more...]

Apple is third, Nokia is second, Samsung is first

mobile phones

It’s no secret that mobile brands are at constant war with each other, with each brand vying for top positions in any chart ranking, often initiated by various organizations, business investment firms and industry watchguards. With electronic … [Read more...]

Where is Samsung?


In the realm of electronic gadgets for consumers, the fact that brands sub-contract other brands in the creation of certain parts for certain product offerings isn’t really a big secret. For Apple’s next iPhone, word has it that three developers … [Read more...]

European Commission Opens Investigation into Samsung's Patent

We have all been following the patent battle between Apple and Samsung. It has taken place in a number of countries. Samsung's case was build around the patent that it owns that is centered on 3G related operations, however Apple has argued that … [Read more...]