iPad Air Teardown Reveals Cheaper Costs


IHS figured out the costs of iPad Air to be cheaper than iPad 3. According to Jacob Kleinman of TechnoBuffalo, "With a lower build cost, higher price tag and booming sales, Apple stands to make a mountain of cash off the iPad Air". But technical … [Read more...]

iPad Predecessor vs iPad Air

ipad air from google

Compared to the former units of iPad, the newly launched iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 is twice faster with the evolution from A6 chip to the new A7. Retina display is way an advantage as it is coined as of now from Apple, of having the highest … [Read more...]

Five Best iPad App to Ignite Your Child’s Reading Ability

iPad App for children

While it may be true that the iPad may never really completely eradicate man’s thirst for traditional books, it can certainly open your child’s mind to the wonders of reading, given the right apps of course. Stationed in the comforts of a suitable … [Read more...]

Download OS X Mountain Lion for Mac

Download OS X Mountain Lion for Mac

Hardware and software made for each other. Since the software built into every Mac is created by the same company that makes the Mac, you get a fully integrated system in which everything works together perfectly. OS X works with the processor in … [Read more...]

A July 31 Reminder for iWork.com Beta Users

iwork dot com beta

In a mass email campaign initiated by Apple, iWork.com Beta users are reminded to backup all their stored files before July 31, 2012, as system updates and changes will take down all online saved information. The announcement falls in place with … [Read more...]

The Retina Effect

The Retina Effect

With Retina Displays being a hot topic among Mac fans, talk about its implementation into the next generation of Macs is rife, with analysts reportedly indicating that LCD’s of Retina display caliber are actually present in current supply … [Read more...]

The TideTrac App for iPhone/iPad


Though not exactly a drop-proof, shock-proof, or a “won’t get busted if it gets drenched in the rain” mobile, the iPhone is actually a tough mobile, made to withstand the rigors of average rough handling in the part of mobile users, contrary to its … [Read more...]

iPad Mini?


With reports indicating a lowering trend in App Store sales in the 1st quarter of 2012, talk about how Apple’s mobiles are loosing followers is piling up, with most discussions talking about the practical sides of its competitor gadgets (mostly … [Read more...]

iPad 3 Released Date on March, Thinner Design and longer life Battery

We have received a new report today from DigiTimes which confirms that Apple is close to release iPad 3, also in the report an expectation about the iPad 3 released date to be on next March as a final date, The report is also claimed that the iPad 3 … [Read more...]

iPad 3′s 2048×1536 Display Production Starting In November ?

We have hear rumors that the new iPad 3 will have a 2048×1536 display and that its production will be starting sometime in November 2011. This information was obtained by CNET’s Brook Crothers who has their reliable sources. … [Read more...]