A July 31 Reminder for iWork.com Beta Users

iwork dot com beta

In a mass email campaign initiated by Apple, iWork.com Beta users are reminded to backup all their stored files before July 31, 2012, as system updates and changes will take down all online saved information. The announcement falls in place with … [Read more...]

Web Notes and Reminders – iCloud Beta highlights

iCloud Beta highlights

With Apple’s iTunes reported to be due for a makeover before the end of 2012, the brand’s iCloud Beta site recently came out with updates, with web-based variations of popular iOS apps. Though still on Beta, the new iCloud Beta site features a … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Commercial

Amazing iPhone 5 Commercial … [Read more...]

The Best Travelling-Friendly iPhone Apps for Adventure Seekers


The long-anticipated summer vacation brings a travelling experience every office employer craves while spending endless working hours the rest of the year. In order to make your vacation incredible and more pleasurable, you should take advantage of … [Read more...]

iCade slip on NES like controller for the iPhone


It’s pretty clear to me that gaming’s future is going to be heavily focused around mobility.  Portable gaming players such as the Nintendo DS have been popular, but their need is shrinking.  Slowly smart phones are replacing the handheld gaming … [Read more...]

An Asus-Google Tablet to Come this July?

asus google tablet

Rumors tell of an ongoing Asus and Google collaboration, with both organizations intent in releasing a 7 inch tablet device to come out this July. Unverified reports indicate that an initial shipment figure of 600,000 units of the said product is … [Read more...]

RAW image support update for 6 cameras


As a brand linked with top-billed names in the entertainment and creative industries, Apple does well in providing creatives with significant software and support features, geared in merging technology and art into one. Heralded as the platform of … [Read more...]

The Retina Effect

The Retina Effect

With Retina Displays being a hot topic among Mac fans, talk about its implementation into the next generation of Macs is rife, with analysts reportedly indicating that LCD’s of Retina display caliber are actually present in current supply … [Read more...]

Wozniak’s Role in the Steve Job’s Movie


Far from being a spin-off of “The Social Network” (very very far off), the new film touching up on the life of Steve Jobs by Sony Pictures has recently gained a lot of attention with just cause, given how much of an impact Steve Jobs’ left in the … [Read more...]

The TideTrac App for iPhone/iPad


Though not exactly a drop-proof, shock-proof, or a “won’t get busted if it gets drenched in the rain” mobile, the iPhone is actually a tough mobile, made to withstand the rigors of average rough handling in the part of mobile users, contrary to its … [Read more...]