“Wait… there are other phones?” causes a stir


The Nokia-Microsoft collaboration that is the Lumia recently came out, standing up as Nokia and Microsoft’s answer to the models and featured software/OSes sported by the two brand’s respective competitors. Boasting the combined hardware … [Read more...]

A Comparison Between The new Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Galaxy S II, and the iPhone 4S

We always love to compare phones as soon as the new phone is released. We did it with the iPhone 4S when it was first announced. Yesterday, Nokia announced its first Windows Phone 7 smartphone which they are calling it "Lumia 800". The phone was … [Read more...]

First Flexible Smartphone Prototype from Nokia [Videos]

The first flexible phone prototype is now shown for real. Yes, it is indeed true. Who has done it you ask?? Well it is Nokia. They have done some pretty impressive stuff with thie mobile gadget and they are calling it the "Kenetic Device". You can … [Read more...]