This iPhone 8 concept design is the best we’ve seen yet — check it out


This fall, Apple is expected to launch its next-generation iPhone. And because 2017 marks 10 years since Steve Jobs first introduced the revolutionary Apple product, expectations are high. Predictions for what new features Apple might introduce … [Read more...]

Ear Cell Phone Case

Ear Cell Phone Case

Weird – Just. Plain. Weird. … [Read more...]

Help Reduce Global Warming, Get a Lyft on Your iPhone


Most people have the luxury to drive around town with their cool rides. But there are some who don't or can't because they're too young to have one or it's not available at the moment. Two years ago, this is an opportunity for the taxi cabs, but … [Read more...]

Google Glass Temporarily Available for a Limited Offer

google glass

If you're a fan of tech wearables, then you might want to check and place an order of Google Glass before the 15th of April. For a limited offer sale that's only available tomorrow, Google Glass is said to be sold at $1,500. Think it's expensive? It … [Read more...]

Devices may Cause Eyesight Complication

using apps in the dark

Some people prefer the paperback books, but a lot are now hooked to their devices for ebooks that may offer visual graphics to enjoy the book more. What's more, with gadgets loaded with games and ebooks, one can read and play even in the … [Read more...]

LINE Messaging App


Skype has been the most popular messaging app way back in 2003 up to present. Users liked it because of its simplicity and good performance on its basic functions offered, free messaging and free calling. Though the performance is still great, some … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear 2


Samsung recently announced the latest refreshed take of its Gear smartwatch line, one that highlights a “surprising” aspect that may just be the first step of many to come. Dubbed as the Gear 2, the smartwatch comes with a dual core processor, 512 … [Read more...]

Rumored 12.9-inch iPad not likely to happen anytime soon

apple 2014

Word has recently come up that the iPad Air and the 2nd gen iPad Mini are likely going to stay as the latest installments of the iPad series this year – save perhaps a refresh in the current iPad model. Based on the sentiments of analyst Ming-Chi … [Read more...]

Analyst underlines iWatch’s value proposition in the wearable tech space

Apple's Biggest Flagship Store

While “smartwatches” are no longer relatively new consumer electronic products today, they still have yet to cause a dent in the arena of electronic consumer demand – saying something about how flimsy the foothold of the wearable tech area could … [Read more...]

Multiple GPU Problems in 2011 MacBook Pros Reported

macbook ifixit graphics

An influx of reports from owners of circa 2011 MacBook Pro units has recently come up, mostly involving MacBook Pro models built with discrete AMD GPU chipsets. Based on a 150-plus page thread on the Apple Support Communities forum, the problem … [Read more...]