Mophie’s Space Pack: More than your average battery case

mophie space pack

Making its debut during the course of CES 2014, Mophie’s Space Pack is certainly more than your average battery case. Apart from providing iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users with more battery power, the device actually provides access to up to 32 gigs … [Read more...]

iRepo for Windows-Managing your iDevice made easy

Though there’s really nothing wrong with iTunes’ stance as a data management, organization and synchronization tool for iOS-driven smartphones and tablets, Windows machine users not so keen on using the suite are sure to find what they have been … [Read more...]

iPad or iPhone as Future Home Remote Control


Several blog posts have pieces of information about remote controlled home fixtures, with a little off the wall ideas and jaw-dropping prices for installation, programming, and the furniture or appliance itself. Some app experts and no doubt Apple, … [Read more...]

iPad Air Teardown Reveals Cheaper Costs


IHS figured out the costs of iPad Air to be cheaper than iPad 3. According to Jacob Kleinman of TechnoBuffalo, "With a lower build cost, higher price tag and booming sales, Apple stands to make a mountain of cash off the iPad Air". But technical … [Read more...]

Is BlackBerry picking for a fight with Apple?

BlackBerry chief upbeat (and the iPhone is old hat)

The sentiments of BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has become the featured subject of discussions and debates online, with many just wondering what Apple has to say over the matter. As reported in a feature published by the Financial Review, Heins is … [Read more...]

Apple Promotes Apps instead of only Gadgets


It is evident that electronic brands have been steady in promoting their wares, focusing on their devices as the stellar superstars which would grab countless consumers’ attentions. However, a feature recently run by Apple Insider notes that Apple … [Read more...]

Will Apple roll out OS X 10.9 soon?

Traffic from Apple's unannounced OS X 10.9 continues to grow

Will Apple be rolling out the next version of its OS X system – OS X 10.9 – this year? A report from Apple Insider has something to say about the matter. In its report, it is revealed that traffic logs for the site note that there are a number … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5 VS BlackBerry’s Z10

iPhone 5 Vs the BlackBerry Z10

Now that BlackBerry finally unveiled its new smartphone offerings last Wednesday, the question as to how its flagship model, the BlackBerry Z10, would fair against the iPhone 5 has been raised by countless electronic consumers. Here is a quick … [Read more...]

New Office 365 Home Premium offers support for up to 5 devices

New Office 365 Home Premium offers support for up to 5 devices

As Microsoft recently celebrated the unveiling of its new Office 365 Home Premium line for Windows and OS X, the new version of Microsoft’s phenomenal productivity suite comes with nifty add-ons and enhancements geared to suit the needs of today’s … [Read more...]

Apple’s App Store Notes

Apple’s App Store Notes

A relatively new feature found in Apple’s App Store had recently been the focus of online discussions and industry guards, taking shape in App Store Notes. Initially rolled out last December, the feature is essentially designed to better … [Read more...]