Celebration of Steve Jobs' Life

Apple posted the picture that you can see below from the Apple event that took place earlier in celebration of the life of their late co-founder Steve Jobs. As you can see Tim Cook, the Apple current CEO, is on stage speaking to the millions watching him about Steve Jobs and him impact on the world.

They may be releasing a video of the event which we will post to you as soon as it is out, but e understand if they do not. As we posted earlier that Apple stores around the world will be able to view the event at a later time each according to their own timing. And as you can see in the picture above a lot of people gathered for the memorial including Apple employees has all U.S. Apple stores were clodes at the time of the event.

Most of us are aware of this great man’s accomplishments, and for those of us who have worked with him take great pride in having had the opportunity to do so. If you want to know more about the life of Steve Jobs you may find this post interesting.

Also not forgetting that the Steve Jobs official biography will be available for purchase in a few days, here is more information about that. And as we celebrate the life of one of the great men that have affected the lives of many here are some of his best moments.

We only hope  that Apple will continue to succeed and carry his legacy forward.

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