Cell Phone Radiation Investigation – 1st in 15 years

Before the advent of all-in-one smartphones, GSM mobiles with call and text features were the hottest thing, with mobile phone units amounting to close to the cost (or even more) of today’s hottest multifunction device like the iPhone.

Back then, talk over the cell phone’s risks related to the onset of cancer was often talked about, with a number of “anti-radiation” cell phone trinkets being marketed.

Last June 15, 2012, the United States’ Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a proposal with is intent in officially investigating the long-said mobile phone and cancer connection.

Initiated by Julius Genachowski of the FCC, the proposal is reported to have been approved by a large majority, given the pertinent information that can be learned from the investigation.

If pushed through, the said FCC investigation over the cancer and mobile phone connection would be the first time the “issue” would be given attention in the last 15 years.

Though a number of independent studies have looked in to the connection, the FCC’s proposal stands to be more pertinent, given the resources and human resource capital the FCC has at its disposal.

Brain cancer tumors are among the most talked about “myths” pertaining to the cell phone and cancer connection, but previous studies have yielded evidence which requires more proof.

The FCC has been heavily criticized over its too lax take in the impact of mobile phones and cancer risk, with a number of health groups and environmental organizations repeatedly calling for a government-level investigation over the facts of the situation.

With the new proposal for the investigation, we may all truly get to know, for sure, if there really is a mobile phone and cancer connection.

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