Circket to be the first prepaid carrier to sell iPhones

In the beginning, the iPhone was only available for one carrier: ATT.  After their contract expired many of the major carriers started making iPhones available to their network.  However, not all carriers went this route; pay as you go services almost exclusively sold Android devices.  Cricket just announced that it was going to start offering contract free, pay as you go plans for iPhone customers.  There’s just one catch though and that is price.

Cricket is going to be the first wireless carrier to offer the iPhone using pay as you go plans. Previously only Android phones such as the Samsung galaxy S advance were used for prepaid plans (click here for more Androids).  However, like many good things in life there’s a catch: price.  The 16GB 4s will run you $499, while the 8GB iPhone 4 will cost you $399.  This is pretty typical of prepaid services.  Even though there’s a high upfront cost, it might save you quite a bit of money in the long run.
Cricket iPhone
I’ve always been a big fan of pay as you go services.  Typically you can get plans for $50 a month that includes unlimited data, text, and minutes.  Cricket’s plans are similar to that, with one exception.  You will only get 2.3Gb of data and then it will be throttled.  However, 2.3GB is more than most carriers give these days and unlike other cell phone companies they admit that you will be throttled when you exceed it.  The price for this plan will be a flat monthly rate of $55.

It might have taken so long to do this because the iPhone is a pretty expensive phone.  Leap is paying Apple an unknown sum of money to subsidize the cost of the phone.  This keeps the prices as low as possible for Cricket customers.

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