Clearing your iPhone

The iPhone may be phone but as device, it also combines various functions and features, making it somewhat like a computer which users can put in bits and pieces of themselves over time, from photos to movies, stored messages to archived contacts.

As this comes as an added plus for iPhone users, this enhanced data storage capacity can prove to be a problem, particularly when files and media tend to cause iPhone related issues due to file corruption or failed transfer protocols.

If you happen to be experiencing some problems with the use of your iPhone because of problems pertaining to its stored files, resetting your iPhone or clearing it may greatly enhance its performance, bringing it back to a “tabula rasa” state just as it was when it was brand new.

Here are some tips touching up on how you can clear/reset your iPhone.

1. Before anything else, you may want to create backups of your files before clearing your iPhone. To do this, you’ll have to individually check your files, and see which of your files you want to keep. Also, take note of the “problem” files which don’t open properly, as they should. Chances are, these files are the cause of your iPhone’s overall ailing performance. Simply connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, and save the right files in your computer. Once done, you’re ready to reset your iPhone.

2. Tap on “Settings” on your iPhone, then tap on “Options”, and from there you’ll find the “Reset” option all the way down the available options.

3. In the “Reset” menu, you will find a number of reset options, including a Reset Home Screen Layout option, Reset Network Settings option and Reset All Settings option. There’s also an Erase All Content and Settings option, which will erase all the stored content in your iPhone.

4. Tap on the right reset option, and wait for the iPhone to finish processing the reset command.

5. After the reset, you can connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, and from there restore the files which you want back into your iPhone.

Resetting or clearing your iPhone is also a good move if you plan on selling your iPhone, ensuring that its future buyer won’t have access to any of your stored files.

Here’s hoping these tips will come in handy, when you do decide to clear your iPhone.

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