Cloak – A real world tool for going on anti-social mode

In today’s mobile-centric times, anyone with an active social network account has a rough idea as to where their friends are at given points in time, just as social network members would know if a particular friend of contact is on or offline.

With the “look at me, me, me” mentality driving most social networks, it’s impossible to miss just where anyone is in this constantly digitally connected times – a state which Cloak, a unique application for iDevices, works on to its advantage.

Essentially a real world tool for users who wish to truly go on anti-social mode, Cloak is a social network-based location “information scrapper”, one that tells users where their social network friends and non-friends are in any given time of the day.

cloak camouflage

Simply put, the app helps users steer clear from people they do not want to meet in real life.

By scraping location information from Foursquare and Instagram, Cloak users can conveniently gain information about their friends’ whereabouts without having to use various apps.

So far, the app works well with Instagram and Foursquare, and, based on its official app page on App Store, plans on adding more social networks in its supported list of online-based communities.

Anyone knows that some people can be annoying, as there are those who are simply tiring to deal with even if they aren’t doing anything wrong. From ex girlfriends to ex husbands, the list of individuals who people avoid is relatively long.

Cloak – as a unique application for iDevices – helps users effectively steer clear from those they are trying to avoid.

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