Comex: JailbreakMe 3.0 will initially be compatible only with iOS 4.3.3

A new important tweet from Comex that said jailbreakme 3.0 will be compatible only with iOS 4.3.3 .

The motivation behind this choice is the alleged quickly hacker to release the jailbreak, both required and expected, for iPad 2 . But he added later that will work to add support to previous firmware versions up to 4.2.1 , asking users to wait.

Many times in the past it was said that the release was more or less imminent, but in this case it is assumed that this can happen in the next few hours . Of course, anyone interested in making the jailbreak is recommended that you save your SHSH through the use of TinyUmbrella .

So every one upgrade to iOS 4.3.3 Now. you can dowmload iOS 4.3.3 from Here.

Download TinyUmbrella .

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