Coming Soon From Apple – A bigger iPhone and a Smaller iPad

As the last quarter of 2012 nears, talk about the end of the world isn’t as active, when compared against the speculations and attention drawn towards the next iPhone’s release.

With experts opining that its official release would follow with the official launch of the new and improved iOS 6, a Bloomberg report has added something new to the mix – a smaller iPad slated to come out by the end of the year.

Indicating two unnamed sources, the Bloomberg insider report notes that there’s going to be a 7 to 8 inch iPad, one which is most likely positioned to counter the debut of a number of tablet devices running on Windows and Android.

There’s Microsoft’s Surface, which has proven to be a smart take on the tablet game, and Google’s highly anticipated Nexus 7.

The report tells about what Apple’s plans are regarding the smaller-sized iPad, with the report’s unnamed sources telling that it is likely that Apple would first unveil the new iPhone, then follow it up with the announcement of the new iPad.

In a sense, if the said report and unnamed sources would be proven correct, the release of the smaller-sized iPad would make it the second iPad release of 2012, with the iPad 3 recently celebrating its release date a few months back.

With Apple being the premier maker of quality mobiles and handhelds, the brand has been known for their non-sequential release of products, once operating on a “new item once every two years” system, which was followed by a “new item after every year” norm.

If Apple does come out with a smaller iPad before the end of 2012 comes, the setup would call for a “two new items per year” setup, which tells something about how saturated the mobiles and gadgets market has become.

Understandably though, for Apple to maintain its standing, it has to churn out new products on a regular basis, to fit with the changes of technologies and trends. What Apple has failed to grasp though, is that a brighter screen with a bigger resolution isn’t enough to draw users their way.

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