Coming Soon – iPad Vending Machines?

According to Wikapedia, the vending machine was invented by Hero of Alexandria. He was a Greek engineer who invented the machine to dispense holy water upon coin deposits. Clearly the invention has come a long long way.Nowadays you will find vending machines carrying drinks, candies and other impulse buys. More recently there have been vending machines dispensing digital cameras and other small electronic devices. Which would lead one to think, what could be next?

Reported by The Consumerist, that the next step is to offer vending machines selling $500 tablets in the men’s department of major retail stores. The site spotted a vending machine inside of a Macy’s Store, serving up iPads. Quoted:

“It was an unexpected sight. I guess impulse buys aren’t just for Skittles anymore. Yes, the iPad vending machine. Perfect for those times when you’re running late and need to pick up a 3-pack of Hanes and a $499 multitouch Wi-Fi-enabled tablet computer in the same trip.”

It’d not familiar that stores like Walmart and Target offer this one-stop-shop experience, but it’s strange that a mall with an Apple store in it would also have a vending machine offering iPads. Would it ever get any business? Wouldn’t customers prefer to make their purchase from the store? One would wonder what’s the return policy on something like this?

Via iDB

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