Control your LED Christmas lights from your iPhone

With all the cool videos online of people’s LED Christmas lights synced to music, I thought of another cool idea: your LED lights controlled with an iPhone application. The free iGlo app allows you to control your lights with the shake of the phone, or the swipe of a finger. You can create amazing rhythmic looking lighting setups, right from the power of your iPhone.

The iGlo LED strip contains 120 color LED lights. You can control them in eight different segments. You can set what each segment does via your iOS device with the iGlo application. Easily connect directly to the lights using a wireless network and no other setup. There are also hundreds of built in presets that look absolutely stunning right out of the box.

We found that the lights work better if they’re covered by something so that the light can still shine through. Things like curtains, shades, and fabrics are all things that you can stick the LEDs behind so enough light still shines through. Click here to see what other kinds of cool stuff you can do with LED lights, without the convenience of an iOS app.
What I found really cool was you could use the iPhone’s built in accelerometer to control the lights in real time. Simply wave and move your iPhone in different directions to control different segments of lights.

The only real downside to this setup is cost. While the app is free, the LED strip does cost $299. However, I will say this: for the cost the quality is amazing. The lights have a deep color to them and the iPhone app is top notch.

For what it’s worth, you can attach three strips together for a total of 49′ of LED lights. However, at $299 per strip, that’s not really going to be feasible for most people. While this technology is super cool, for the average consumer it’s still a bit expensive right now.

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