Cook’s Apology for iOS Maps

Last Friday came with quite a surprise, taking shape with an apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, in relation to the brand’s badly received Maps service.

Pegged as one of the latest highlights of the new iOS 6 mobile operating system for iDevices, Apple’s iOS Maps had become the target of negative criticisms, critiques which hail after the featured highlights found in its primary competition, Google Maps.
Cook’s Apology for iOS Maps
A report from the New York Times notes how the whole situation had become quite a hurdle which Apple will have to find workarounds for, given its take in embedding Maps into the new version of the iOS operating system.

A former Apple manager for the Online Apple Store was even quoted in the report, saying “I think there’s a bigger question of whether hardware companies can be services companies,” with Leslie Grandy referring to how Google has successfully offered impressive online services to millions of electronic consumers based in different parts of the world.

The report goes as far as noting that Apple “has little time to rectify the situation”, considering how Google has the advantage and upper hand with its enhanced Google Maps service.

The report also shared that a mapping service was never exactly part of the long term plans discussed during the initial development stages of the original iPhone, referencing the sentiments of former Apple employees who noted that even Steve Jobs himself only came up with the concept of a maps service some weeks prior to the official release of the original iPhone.

Either way, as Apple’s reputation for sleek hardware remains to be something to its advantage, the real online services it offers to users appears to be something which requires reevaluation and further thinking for the brand.

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