Cool, New Handset for 5-year Olds and Up

Most of the time, we see kids using tablets for games these days, perhaps the age has come for them to have their new handsets as well. While other parents would think that kids should not have one for many good reasons, a new handset, WeGo, released by Sprint has good counteractions that may want parents to reconsider.


A few great points why Sprint launched this new handsets are:

– The WeGo phone includes an emergency alarm fastened at the top part that triggers the loud piercing sound upon pulling the string.
– The phone gives you access to your child to monitor him/her any time of the day.
– A certain feature allows parents to operate and limit their kids’ incoming and outgoing texts and calls.
– There’s a GPS system built on the handset that alerts parents if their child made it to the appropriate location, or is moving faster than usual (in case of abduction).
– Pressing the center button twice automatically calls 911.
– Includes a wake alert to notify parents if their child is already up and ready for the day.
– Phone can withstand a drop of up to 12 feet, and is water resistant.

But apart from all these, if parents are worried because of the additional budget for the telecommunication service, Sprint offers a specific service plan for WeGo handsets at the price of $9.99 per month, that covers 1,000 texts and 1,000 minutes of talk time.

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