Cut the Rope Experiments for the iOS

As there are graphics-driven games for the iOS, a number of select puzzle and trivia game titles remain to be sought for by iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, given the simple, no-frills premise working for such games.

Cut the Rope Experiments stands to be one good example of a must-install game title for iDevices, given the game’s engaging puzzle game genre aspect, with Cut the Rope Experiments known to lead to countless hours of gaming fun.

Cut the Rope Experiments for the iOS
What can be expected from Cut the Rope Experiments

As a puzzle game, Cut the Rope Experiments works on actual physics-based principles, with its overall game objective requiring users to find means of bringing candy pieces to “Om Nom”, the game’s considered protagonist.

With the said candy piece hanging on titular-positioned ropes, players are tasked to find the most effective means of bringing the candy piece to Om Nom through cutting ropes, achieved with finger swipes as the game’s primary input and control mode.

Developed by ZeptoLab, the game also features challenging levels, with some featuring the utilization of floating bubbles in brining candy pieces to Om Nom.

Featuring engaging levels, Cut the Rope Experiments level packs allows players access to new levels and challenges, making the title one that isn’t repetitive and mundane. Though not as simple in its overall gameplay pretext when compared against the phenomenal mobile game leader, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope Experiments’ physics-based interactivity and challenging levels makes it a puzzle game title that can’t be readily dismissed as repetitive, with different methods and ways of successfully achieving each of its levels’ goals.

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