Death Caused by knock off iPhone 4S Charger?

A knock-off charger for an iPhone 4S unit is attributed to be the cause of the death of a 28 year old in Thailand, the Daily News Thailand reports.


According to the report, Police officers of the Rayong province found a yet unnamed man lying on the floor of his house last Monday, holding a burnt iPhone 4S unit in his hand.


Based on statements from the man’s father, it is revealed that the man was lying down on a concrete floor prior to the body’s discovery, presumed to have been talking with someone on the phone while it was charging. The man’s father confessed that he heard a noise the day before the body was found, but didn’t put much thought in to it given the man’s history with sleepwalking.


Physical evidence reveals a series of burn marks on the man’s neck and chest area, prompting initial investigations in pointing to electrocution as the unofficial cause of death, with detailed investigations currently ongoing.


Based on the Daily News Thailand report, it is noted that the charger or adapter unit used to charge the said iPhone 4S handset doesn’t appear to be an Apple manufactured item.


While there has yet been an official statement regarding electrocution due to a shoddily made charger as the cause of the man’s death, similar instances have been reported in the past, though not exactly known to have taken place in Thailand.


In China, two cases of electrocution caused by unofficial chargers for an iPhone 5 and  iPhone 4 unit in two separate cases have been reported on July this year.


While investigations are currently ongoing, iPhone owners may want to check if their mobile’s chargers are in tip top shape, and are officially produced by Apple.

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