Download Firefox 6 For Windows & Mac (Direct Links)

Firefox 6 is available now for Mac and Windows.Mozilla has just officially released version 6 of their popular Firefox browser.

Firefox 6 description:

Firefox 6 is faster than its predecessor, and is less of a resource-hog – the two most pivotal components of your everyday browser. Mozilla claims a 20% speed increase, but of course the best way to actually gauge the improvement is to download and test for yourself. There are over 1300 total improvements and bug-fixes listed in the extensive changelog , further emphasizing that Mozilla has been working tirelessly to stay relevant.

Firefox 6 Features :

Another notable feature in Firefox 6 is the ability to customize privacy features in a site-specific manner.Simply enter “about:permissions” in the address bar and from there you can select which sites you want to store passwords, view your location, set cookies, open popups, as well as maintain permanent storage. While this feature is great, it should be easier to access if it is going to be utilized by surfers. Hopefully Mozilla will consider this when it comes to releasing updates.

Download Firefox 6:

You can download Firefox 6 right now straight from Mozilla.