“Download Later” option now available in iOS 6 and iTunes 11

A “download later” option for the iOS 6 and iTunes 11 suite was recently added as a part of the selection of function control options featured in the two app purchasing and management utilities.

At its most basic, the new feature essentially arms iTunes customers with the option of downloading digital content at a later time, allowing for the unhindered browsing experiences when on the lookout for apps, music and video content, as well as resolving concerns involving large data downloads in one go.

Download Later
Compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch units running on iOS 6 or later, the new feature is also compatible with PCs and Macs running with the iTunes 11 installed.

Also featuring a new function that allows users to download digital content via iTunes in the Cloud feature, the new option simplifies the rudimentary processes involved in getting media from authorized digital distribution portals (not supported in all regions).

Smart, practical and intuitive in its overall scope, the new “download feature” is quite straightforward in its overall flow, allowing users to either “download” or download purchased content “later”.

If “later” is selected, the purchased media is simply moved to the Purchased section of the suite, giving customers the option of getting the file or files at their own time.

Electronic consumers who’ve always had difficulties getting large format content are sure to find a lot to love in the new “download later” feature, whose convenience points is quite noteworthy in the overall processes related to the acquisition of digital content.

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