Download Tiny Umbrella 5.00.11 Support to AppleTV -Real- 4.3 support (8F455)

Notcom just updated TinyUmbrella to 5.00.11, which adds a Real 4.3 support to Apple TV 2G!

I finally added 4.3 (real 4.3) support for apple tv. Sorry for the delay folks. Looking forward, I should have a bit more free time to work on finally working on the TU rewrite! 😀
As always, thank you for your feedback. I’m working on a few of the common issues that some of you are facing with the current app. (More descriptive error messages, hopefully fewer updates :), better mac/linux/windows support, etc)
TinyPwn is still in progress, I have the TU rewrite and TinyPwn based on the same codebase. As I move forward it is looking more and more like they will both do the same thing. I’m still deciding if they should, in fact, be two separate apps. We’ll see. I’m open for suggestions from you guys though.

Download links :

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