Easy Steps to Maximize your iPad’s Battery Life

You could get so absorbed in your brand new iPad– especially if it’s sitting comfortably on its elegant iPad keyboard case– that chances are you won’t notice its power draining. Before you have that grouchy look and a raised eyebrow, here are easy steps to stretch your iPad’s battery life to a maximum:

Maintain a Monthly Charge/Discharge Habit

Keeping this habit can extend your battery life, no doubt. Let your iPad be fully discharged and subsequently recharged at least once a month. Not only will your battery operate more efficiently, it will prolong its existence.

Also, make sure that your i-device is not coddling a dead battery. Such a scenario can lead to your battery losing charge capacity. The best way is to have your batteries charged as soon as it drains out or dies.

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Beware the Hot, Hot Sun

Heat drains your battery faster than no other. Putting anyi-device (i.e., iPad, iphone, ipod) under the scorching heat is a sure fire way to kill your batteries. This includes you waiting idly in a hot car. Worst case: Your battery will have a hard time holding a charge and you end up having to shell out some bucks for a new one.

Disable Extra Features

Extra features can give you a ‘better feel’, a better experience but they can drain your battery faster too. So unless you badly need them, keeping them disabled could be the way to go.

For instance, vibrate features. A lot of games make use of this feature. You can adjust the game’s settings to disable this feature. To note, games – usually heavy with the graphic – can zap your i-device’s energy rather quickly.

Another service which you may do away to prolong your battery life is the location service. Just get to Settings menu and toggle the Location Services under the General option.

Avoid Utilizing Bluetooth

Bluetooth will demand a lot of energy from your device so using it minimally is wise. This means keeping your Bluetooth radio disabled if you are not using your Bluetooth keyboard or headset. You can toggle it through the General options under the Settings menu.

Minimize System Sounds

Now, if you’re a musician or a music buff, this one may come as a bit of a sacrifice for you. But using your iPad’s system sound to a minimum can save you power – and put it where you need it most.


Keep your screen’s brightness to a minimum as having it at max will eat your iPad’s energy. This can be done via the Settings menu and adjusting the Brightness and Wallpaper option.

Same goes true for the Screen Locks. Minimize the time for your device to turn off quickly by going into the General menu and adjusting the Auto-Lock menu.

It is also for this reason that using Wi-Fi instead of 3G can be a battery-saver. Apple studies show that utilizing 3G can get a maximum of 10 hours of your battery life but only 9 hours when operating using Wi-Fi. Of course, not using both is best (if you don’t need to).

Use Airplane Mode

Lastly, turning your device Airplane Mode can make your iPad operate at its best – at least power. That’s if your plan is just to spend time playing Plants vs Zombies. The down side: no Wi-Fi, no calls come in – which is a good thing if what you want is to be left alone.

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