EasyMeasure iPhone App Review

The measuring of distances when viewed through the iPhone’s camera is made easier and accurate with the EasyMeasure app for the iOS, a nifty bit which recently came out this month over in Cydia.

Though specifics over who its intended users are point towards professional photographers who wish to assess a possible shot composition’s depth of field, EasyMeasure can be something which any iPhone user can use, standing up as a quick method of measuring distances, as opposed to having to draw estimates without the aid of rulers and/or measuring tapes.

Designed for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the app bases measurements on camera surroundings, requiring users to focus a given iDevice’s camera on a particular “composition”, where the app would rate distances based on the respective positions of the objects in the “composition”.

Easy and straightforward to use, the app features an intuitive user-navigation interface, with support for 3D graphics and the latest Retina Displays on iPad 3 tablets. Designed to churn out measurements in terms of height, distance and thickness, the app also features support for imperial and metric measurement standards, and also highlights a “Dynamic Photos” feature which allows users to easily find out measurements after a photo is taken.

The app also comes with enhanced help features, even coming with easy-to-comprehend tutorials with animations, simplifying the learning curves which users may encounter when new to the app.

Being a Cydia offered app (tagging at $.99), the app works best on jailbroken iPhone units, and for those who regularly need measurements and distance figures taken, EasyMeasure stands to be a smart and practical app to have.

As an app, EasyMeasure doesn’t dally around with its “Easy” handle.

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