EasyPay, an automatic payment system, may soon come to the Apple Store

Like with some hypermarkets or department stores have also installed similar systems in their premises, Apple is planning to implement an automatic payment method on their official stores. According to a source of 9to5Mac, this system is called EasyPay (it may sound as the one used by employees to bill you directly from an iPod touch) and would allow customers to pay for items.

One thing is go to the Apple Store to buy a computer or an iPhone, where we need an employee for some advice and pull items of the shelf. But maybe we walk into the store already knowing exactly what we want and we do not need help. It is in these situations where EasyPay can be useful, since we could take a picture with your iPhone and pay with the application inside the Apple Store.

This would ease the traffic of customers in the store, while employees would be free so that they can focus on counseling, workshops, assistance in the Genius Bar or any other function. This system is expected to appear soon in stores (maybe with luck in the entire world) and would be available to our IOS devices as an upgrade, to allow us to use this app while at the Apple store.

Via| 9to5Mac


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