Emergency Alerts on the iPhone

As countless people are steadily turning to the internet for updated news and advisories, the same trend has steadily been happening in mobile ecosystems and standards, with different alerts and news bits fed through mobile phones.

Given the fact that the mobile phone is one device which users won’t easily stay parted from for a long time, the practicality of utilizing mobile phones as a medium for alerts and advisories is quite beneficial for all parties concerned, resulting to different government agencies implementing emergency alert announcements via mobile standards.

Emergency Alerts on the iPhone

Though it has to be said that not all governments are in the position to issue official alert updates via mobile avenues, a number of devices already come with supported official alert features, with the iPhone being one of them.

iPhone users simply need to verify if emergency alert services are featured in their locations, then activate their phone’s capabilities to readily accept such emergency announcements.

To activate, users simply have to go to their iPhone’s settings menu, then scroll down to the bottom and tap on Wireless Emergency Alerts and set the option to activate. Though the “Wireless Emergency Alerts” option is quite generic, the more specific option for Government Alerts can be easily activated by users too.

By activating these emergency alert options, iPhone users can gain regular notification information upon emergency situations or crisis situations. From natural disasters to weather announcements, the emergency announcements to-be found in could also include military defense alerts, making it one feature which iPhone users should consider activating due to its value.

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