Enable Facebook Timeline Now (How To)

How To Enable Facebook Timeline Now?  The famous website TechCrunch  have just made an awesome tutorial for how to Enable Facebook Timeline Right Now.Don’t worry it’s just few simple steps, lets’ do it.

Here’s How To Enable Facebook Timeline:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account .

Step 2: You have to enable developer mode if you haven’t already. Write “Developer” in the search box and click on the top result.

Step 3: Go to the developer app, which can be found here should Facebook not automatically redirect you.

Step 4: Create a new app (don’t worry, this app will not be seen), and give it a name and namespace (no CAPS allowed with the namespace).

Step 5: Once that’s done, click on the “Get Started using open graph” under the “Open Graph” header.

Step 6: Facebook will ask you to create a test action for your app, like “play” a “football”.

Step 7: Next, you’ll be met with a config page of your selected action. Navigate through that page and the next three pages of settings.

Step 8: Once you have gone through the last page and press on “Save and Finish”, after a few  minutes, you are supposed to see an invitation to get Facebook Timeline Now at the top of your homescreen.

Hit on Get It Now and  Enjoy!

Via Redmondpie

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