Enhanced PDF viewing with the new Evernote for iOS

The newest version of Evernote for the iOS – Evernote Version 5.2 – comes with enhanced software integration features, making it one of the most versatile Evernote app versions there is.

Developed to essentially sate the needs of iPad users, Evernote 5.2 can still work on other iOS devices, boasting the self-same functions and capabilities the suite originally came with, plus enhanced updates that work for the needs of casual to heavy Evernote users.
Highlighting a new set of text format support, Evernote 5.2 comes with “Plain Text” and “Simplify Text” options, options which allow for the quick and clean formatting of texts, or for the implementation of notes to pure pain text formats.

Also boasting an enhanced PDF reader, the new Evernote 5.2 allows for locked PDF viewing, as well as the capacity to quick switch between different documents through its multi-view function.

Featuring support for third party service/software offerings, the new Evernote 5.2 is designed to work with office Business Libraries (Evernote Business) using their mobiles, and even highlights offline viewing functions and features.

Support for “The Trunk”, an online marketplace hosting Evernote-supported plug ins, is also part of the update list in Evernote 5.2, effectively making it the most updated and robust version of the app for the iOS.

Though Evernote, as an app, proves to be effective as a “shopping list” solution, the app is certainly more than just that. Allowing users the capacity to virtually keep track of anything, the new Evernote continues to carry on the innovative and versatile tradition the suite has boasted since its first variant rolled out.

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