Enhancing your iPhone’s Battery – Limiting Location-based Services

While the issue of short battery charge-recharge rates have significantly lessened for smartphones and tablets with the availability of power banks, there’s no reason why electronic consumers can’t further lessen their device’s battery’s lifespan via simple settings and commands.

The area of disabling or limiting the power consumption of location-based services stands to be one avenue where saving batter power can be easily accomplished.

Limiting or Disabling Location-based Services

iPhone users can significantly save on battery power by simply disabling or limiting the power hungry needs of location-based services. At its most basic, one can successfully do this by turning off an iPhone’s built in GPS by tapping on Settings and seeing to it that “Location Services” are off.


Though the nifty upsides of having location-based services active can be seen when one is using maps or if one is set on “geotagging” one’s posts on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, the necessity of doing so is not really a huge obligation, considering that being within a specific set of coordinates is not necessary to upload photos or videos.

Apart from saving on one’s iPhone battery charge, disabling or limiting location-based services also keeps a user’s privacy private, since a disabled GPS isn’t liable to disclose where they are in real time (something which is sure to bring a smile to those who don’t wish to be easily tracked).

Just as how quick disabling Location Services can be, iPhone users can also easily enable them when they have particular need of their use, maintaining the functional upsides of one’s device without sacrificing valuable battery life.

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