Exchange Your Used iPhone 4 For $200

Good news for iPhone 4 users.Yesterday Apple introduced the iPhone 4S at “Let’s Take iPhone Event” .Apple has upgrade the processor chip of the iPhone 4 to be A5 in the iPhone 4S which allow the Siri technology to work on iPhone 4S only.So if you are iPhone 4 user don’t be upset as Apple will now accept your used iPhone 4 in exchange for up to $200.

If you are iPhone 4 user and manages to trick a $200, well you just secured yourself a 16GB iPhone 4S free of charge (with a two-year contract).The iPhone 4 is now available only with eight gigabytes of storage and priced at just $99. The iPhone 3GS, meanwhile, has gone free. Both  require a two year plan to fetch those prices. Also Apple offering the iPhone 4 and 3GS without a contract commitment for $549 and $375 .

About The Unlocked iPhone 4S :

9to5Mac Poster that :Apple’s online store lists the unlocked iPhone4S for $649. The UK lists SIM-free iPhone 4S for£499, in Germany and France it’s €629 while Australia has it priced at A$ 799. In countries such as Italy the iPhones have been available unlocked alongside their subsidized counterparts for years, stemming from local legislation preventing wireless companies from leveraging the latest handsets in order to sign up consumers into lengthy contracts.

What do you think about that ?Is this offer appropriate with you ?It’s your decision.


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