Expert Tips: How to Buy and Sell at Craigslist Faster

For all the good things that it provides, Craiglist is very much like a ‘Genie in a magic lamp’. If you wish for a new hard drive, Craigslist has it; want a new job, no problem; or even rooting for a Friday night date, lots of choices awaits you: man, woman or even someone in between. Amazingly, Craigslist means more: You can conduct business and make Craigslist a virtual selling place.

Like that proverbial Genie, however, you could be doing things the wrong way, wishing the wrong wish so to speak. To make the most out of Craigslist you need to arm yourself with the best tools. With these, you get to what you want, – a top-rated quality iPad mini keyboard case, for instance – at a faster rate.
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Looking for a Good Place: Get PadMapper

Funny about wanting to find a good place, you end up searching for hours on end without coming up with a good list worth driving to.

It is easy to forget that a good place to work or to live cannot be just described; it must be seen – no matter the superlatives. This is where PadMapper comes in handy, very handy indeed. Not only does the app do an automatic search (with parameters) for possible Craiglist rentals (e.g., lots, houses, barns, office spaces) it plots them on Google Map. Now, how easy is that!

Sell Better on Craigslist

Though listing is a cinch in Craigslist; getting your item sold is never a walk in the park. The good part is you can actually increase your closing rate with just a few simple tweaks.

First and foremost, let pictures do the selling for you. You can drum up attention, but like there is no substitute for a catchy picture to pique interest.

Secondly, whip words to your advantage. Wrap your descriptions in gorgeous details. You may not be a brand expert but you need to put your item in the best light possible. Nobody buys trash.

Maximize Search

There are times when you feel like you want to get an item or service from just about anywhere – no matter the distance. And yes, not just from your local sellers. Well, no need to fret. Craigslist Reader, a Windows-based application, gives you just that: search Craigslist in its entirety. Just be ready to deduct $37 from your savings.

Monitor Searches

You need to keep your eye on your goal. And since Craigslist doesn’t give you email alerts you will have to make the most of RSS feeds. Grab this one (i.e., link at the bottom page), and make that part of your daily newsreader.

To success!

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