Facebook and the iOS-wide integration

Some posts back, we touched up on rumors of a Facebook iOS-wide integration, which basically puts Facebook in the same spot Twitter has been on, in terms of how deep it has gone into the iOS operating system for mobiles.

Recently, a report from TechCrunch reveals that that same Facebook iOS-wide integration is to be announced as a feature in this month’s WWDC.

The report indicates that both Apple and Facebook are in the final stages of coming into terms, sealing a deal where the social network’s assets are to be integrated into new iOS developments.

The integration of Facebook into iOS would mean that future iPhone users can easily share media, like photos and videos, along with links to websites and/or webpages, without necessarily installing a Facebook dedicated app.

The integration is reported to boast improvements over existing Facebook interfaces on the iOS platform, developed to be more streamlined for user navigation, searches and overall social media use. Security features are also said to be more enhanced, with user authentication made more beneficial and comprehensive in terms of security.

To date, the implementation of Facebook Connect is available in the latest iOS Update, categorized as a Readability app for iPad portables. Twitter will still be integrated into iOS, which basically means that Apple gadget users are given an additional user-feature value, with the Facebook iOS-integration.

Given that the WWDC is scheduled to start by June 11, it has to be said that everything about Facebook and iOS are still rumors, until Apple issues an official statement/release of the actual tie-up between Apple and Facebook.

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