Facebook Home for Android Unveiled – What about iOS?

The social networking monolith known as Facebook certainly got everyone on the edge of their seats this week, amidst the rumors of it unveiling a new mobile product offering.

Turns out that mobile product offering wasn’t a Facebook-branded phone or a new Facebook operating system, but a new “family of apps”, devoted to offer Facebook’s more well established features in a more immersed and straightforward way for compatible Android device users.

Facebook Home for Android Unveiled
With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself describing Facebook Home as a “family of apps”, the new mobile product isn’t exactly a collection of Facebook apps, being more of a Facebook update – more of a home screen replacement – developed to enhance the Facebook experience of Android users.

At a glance, Facebook Home combines different features into an Android-based handset, which device users could download from Google Play starting April 12. The “update” for Android can either be installed as a one-time installation or as a permanent install to a mobile’s operating system.

Featuring “Cover Feed” and “Chat Heads”, the two Facebook Home features respectively allows users the capacity to see posts and other news feed updates on their mobile screen’s background, as well as gain access to a consolidated venue where SMS messages and Facebook Messenger communiqués can be found and managed.

Reportedly an iOS variant for Facebook Home is said to be upcoming, but Zuckerberg noted, during the scheduled Facebook April 4 event, that Android’s open source ecosystem has made the development of Facebook Home faster.

“Anything that happens with Apple [referring to Facebook Home’s for the iOS’ development] is going to happen with partnership,” said Zuckerberg.

There may be some waiting time involved before Facebook Home for the iOS would come out.

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