Facebook iPad app Launch Delays, Lead Head Developer to Quit

Earlier today reports by Business Insider were recieved that the engineer Jeff Verkoeyen, who since the begining of this year has been in charge of the  development of the social networking company’s iPad application, has left his position at Facebook to take a job at Google.

According to a blog post (that is said  to be down temporarily) he talked about his personal complaints about Facebook and the iPad application. He notes that the application has been said to be complete since the previous May, but in reality is still incomplete and to his assumptions may even never be complete. it has been reported that Verkoeyen has changed his original blog post to remove his view of the iPad application.

Today Verkoeyen wrote on his blog that he was the lead engineer on the Facebook iPad application since January, and that he put a lot of time in the development of the application. He wrote that it has been feature-complete since May but Facebook kept pushing its announcement 2 weeks, then another and another. Meaning that feature-complete does not mean that it is completely finished but in the last stages before it is ready for launch. Due to these delay in releasing the application he has his own fears that it may never be released.

However, there were no reasons on why Facebook kept delay the release of the application or why he thought that they would keep delaying it until they abandon the whole project.

Other reports from The New York Times stated that in June, the Facebook application for iPad would be released in the coming few weeks. While in late July an iPad version of the existing app for iPhone was discovered, but Facebook quickly disabled its access to the iPad-specific interface through that mechanism. Some had waited for a launch at the company’s F8 conference last week, but an iPad app was not a part of  the event.

We at SmashiPhone are still waiting for a final decision on the app, and hoping that it is released.

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