Facebook's Project Spartan (Screenshots)

Reviews have come in to state that about 350 million users use  their phones to access Facebook every month. The above image shows a Facebook app that is not like anything we have seen from Facebook. From what we can see the main components in this app, are the icons for  Bookmarks, Messages, Notifications, and Friend Requests.

If you think about it, this matches the screenshots that we have seen of the Project Spartan. As we have published before on SmashiPhone the Project Spartan is the HTML 5-based mobile application platform that Facebook has been working on for a while in collision with Apple.

This feature describes the Facebook Mobile App integration on iOS and Android, however no one seems to actually have access to this Facebook Mobile App. The links to screenshots and the actual App do not seem to work.

We were told  that the Project Spartan was built to get developers to use Facebook as a platform to distribute gamed and other Facebook apps. The developer features that are presented here seem awfully similar to that we have been told about Spartan. We are confused and do not understand what this feature is about. Could it be just a revamp?

Source Techcrunch