Fake iPhones found in China

It is known that China is the land of copycats and fakes. It would be unshocking to find an iPhone 5, when the iPhone 5 has not come out yet. But it seems that there are apparently a lot of fake iPhone 4 too.

The Chinese police reports that they found a the gang reponsibile for the counterfeit iPhone ring. They found that there were a group of people who bought different part from parts in China and came together to put the part and create a fake iPhone. This operation took part in the apartments of these individuals.

We heard that there were 200 fake iPhones that we found in the apartment, and according to police statements that the fake iPhones are pretty much identical to the real iPhone, except for the battery it had a lot weaker battery which lead the fake phone to have a much shorter battery life span. Even the iPhone specialists found it difficult to figure out the difference between the real and fake iPhone.

We have been told that the cost of making the fake iPhones was about $313, and then they were sold online of to shops in China for double that price. What the police can not find are all the sold iPhones that were sold to people, imagine finding out that your precious iPhone that u spent hundreds of dollars to buy, is actually a fake!!!!


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