Fat fingers for the S3 – When Sales Pitches go Overboard

It is no secret that the mobile industry is at its most competitive these days, with different brands offering different incentives for retail venues that manage to best sales records and stats, apart from offering unique packages bundled with telcos that are geared to reel in consumers.

But as widely known this fact is, the question as to just how overboard sales pitches go had recently been raised, delving into the shared sentiments of a Sprint employee who went as far as saying that a customer’s fat fingers is perfect for a Galaxy S3 and not an iPhone.

Fat fingers for the S3
In a report featured in Android Authority, a transcription between a customer and a Sprint employee delved into just what sales representatives say to prospective customers who go to stores in search for the perfect mobile.

In the report, a customer is quoted to share a frustrating experience where a Sprint representative, who is supposed to help him find the right mobile that he wants, tried his best to sway the customer from going for an iPhone.

Even after the customer had said that he wanted an iPhone, the employee is said to have pointed out the downsides of the iPhone, going as far as saying that it was a “piece of shit”.

Taking that sentiment in stride, the customer got irked when the employee noted that the customer’s fat fingers were more ideal for a Galaxy S3 and not an iPhone, ending the whole scenario with the customer leaving the venue without a phone.

Just how far should sales pitches for mobile devices go without going overboard? Think the employee was right in pointing out the customer’s fat fingers as just reason to get an S3?

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