Ferrer’s pro S4 Tweet using an iPhone

With mobile phone manufacturers evidently getting more bullish in their marketing and advertising endeavors, instances of celebrity endorsers getting “caught” using the competition’s products have become common place.

Ferrer’s pro S4 Tweet using an iPhoneMost notable would be Oprah Winfrey expressing her support for Microsoft’s Surface tablet last year, a move which would have been taken seriously had she actually used the tablet and not Apple’s.

Early this year, BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director Alicia Keys made a similar mistake, sending out a tweet using an iPhone and not a BlackBerry branded handset.

The most recent in this growing list of “busted” celebs would include Spanish tennis player David Ferrer, who had used an iPhone in expressing how happy he is with the Galaxy S4.

With the tweet quickly noted by Jaime Novoa, the story was picked up by the Spanish edition of the Huffington Post. Reportedly, the tweet has since been taken down.

Comments following after Ferrer’s tweet would include one, quoted to say “Pues bien que lo envías desde un iPhone @SamsungMobile” (“I send from an iPhone”).

While the story of Ferrer and his Galaxy S4 tweet using an iPhone had quickly spread out online, various online reports note that Ferrer is not exactly a Samsung endorser, with Samsung simply being a sponsor to the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament, which is slated to kick off this coming weekend.

Regardless of what Ferrer’s ties with Samsung is, it is apparent that some damage had already been done, making Ferrer a notable addition to popular endorsers not endorsing the products they should be stories circulating online.

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