First Flexible Smartphone Prototype from Nokia [Videos]

The first flexible phone prototype is now shown for real. Yes, it is indeed true. Who has done it you ask?? Well it is Nokia. They have done some pretty impressive stuff with thie mobile gadget and they are calling it the “Kenetic Device”. You can find this prototype at Nokia World in London.

Everyone is familiar with the zooming technique that is used in the iPhone and other smartphones, that is the pinch to zoom effect. This phone has a completely new technique and it is to blend and twist your phone  to zoom in. See this amazing new device at work in the video below :

CNET explains how this amazing phone works:

Tapani Jokinen, who began working on the technology about two years ago as part of a Nokia group tasked with creating designs out of earlier-stage research, wouldn’t say either when he thinks it’ll come to market or how it worked.

But Chris Bower, stationed nearby at Nokia’s “Future Lounge,” had some ideas. He was showing an experimental apparatus with a bundle of carbon nanotubes in a flexible elastomer medium. The electrical resistance of the nanotubes changes as they’re stretched, and measurements of the change let a computer control how a map zoomed in and out. The same approach could be used to control the flexible interface.

Jokinen was reluctant to predict whether it might become as widespread as multitouch user interfaces are today.

We found another video that was posted on Into Mobile that also states that the  release date will be soon. Hopefully sooner that we expect.

So will you be waiting to buy this new phone? Or is it all a scheme?

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