First up on the agenda, iOS 5 apps!

First up on the agenda, apps!

Scott Forstall tells us how their developers have been working on a number of new apps for the iPad. For example, there is the iCards app where you can creat you own cards. Youe can have pictures on your cards you pick the look and Apple will print it out for you. Apple can even e-mail it for you and send you an email that your card has been sent.

Now to the interesting stuff, Lets talk iOS 5, Yes many of us have been waiting for this moments. The top ten features of iOS 5 according to Forstall are:

1-       Notifications – making it easier to get notification in and out of your iPhone

2-      iMessage –which is basically BBM for iOS

3-      Reminders app

4-      Twitter integration

5-      Newsstand – any book you can find and get

6-      Updated camera app – Making it easier to take pictures now only with a double-tap on the home button and, bam, you can take a pic.

7-      Game Center – updated to add photos of friends, achievement points, friend recommendations..

8-       Safari updates –  talking about the reader function that strips out all the junk and pulls things into a single, readable page. Quoted: “This works great on the iPad, it’s fantastic on the iPhone.”

9-      Mail updates – adding rich formatting.

10-   Indentation – moving addresses around, flagging them

One last very important piece of information is that the  Ios 5 launch has been delayed to the 12th of October. So get ready to start downloading.

This is all really exciting want to hear more .. stay with us :)

Pic from engadget.

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