Fishing Joy HD

While it’s no secret that advanced high end graphics tend to be a game title’s winning edge, a title that combines an elementally challenging gameplay premise with superior graphics is bound to have a winning edge.

Fishing Joy HD would be one good example.

Fishing Joy HD

Developed for the iPhone and the iPad, the in-game premise of Fishing Joy HD is quite simple: to catch the most magnificent fish there is.


Mirroring an undersea aquarium setting, Fishing Joy HD features more than 10 different fish varieties, each rendered with a superior graphics quality that is simply stunning to behold.

Matched with a range of net types and net upgrade options, the challenge imposed by Fishing Joy HD to players may come as elementally simple, but its overall execution in the title defines it as an incredibly addictive game that’s sure to test its player’s fish catching skills.

Also featuring in-game obstacles such as sharks, Fishing Joy HD also showcases a distinct soundtrack, further enhancing its overall value as a single-tap type game title, further making it an outstanding casual game title that stands out in a sea of casual game themed games.

Compatible with iDevices running on iOS 3.2 or later, Fishing Joy HD may be “old” as a game, but the gameplay value it affords players with is as novel as novel could be.

Those in search for an elementally simple but challenging game title for iPhones and iPads are sure to find what they are looking for in Fishing Joy HD.

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