First Picture of Steve Jobs After the Resignation (Very Sick)

Two days ago we posted the saddest news ever for Apple fans , Steve Jobs’s resignation as a chief executive officer for Apple .This is the first picture of Steve Jobs after resignation .He looks very ill.

Steve Jobs is Died , R.I.P Steve Jobs Check the post from Here


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This photo had been published by TMZ after two days from Steve’s resignation and as you see Steve Jobs looks very sick,there is a man beside him helping him to stand.What a sad look for Steve Jobs.

So this photo is the best justification to Steve’s resignation.Please, Steve Jobs deserve your prayers , he is a good man.

Update :We’ve removed the image from the site because of some legal reasons. Head over TMZ to see the picture.


God with you Steve Jobs

 UPDATE: It seems that the picture is totally fake, check the below infographic:


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