Foxconn and its iPhone 5 production “issue”

As Apple’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn plays an integral role in the production of different Apple iDevices, with the iPhone 5 being one of them.

With the recent unveiling and the upcoming end-of-the-year holidays, the manufacturing company recently revealed that it is having some troubles in delivering production-supply demands of the smartphone model, with its Chairman, Terry Gou admitting that “It’s not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand.”

Foxconn and its iPhone 5 production “issue”
A Reuters report, featured in Yahoo Finance, came to tell of Foxconn’s challenges in producing more iPhone 5 mobile units, which falls in line with the reported limited supply status of the newest iPhone incarnation.

With Apple itself quoted to have been “completely blown away” with the demand for the new device, Gou’s admission over the difficulties Foxconn is experiencing says something about what electronic consumers intent on getting the iPhone 5 by December have to expect.

As it is no secret that the last quarter of any year is the busiest for gadget makers, the prospect of increased end of the year holiday demands for gadgets, not just the iPhone, is one which everyone is highly anticipating.

Matched with the upcoming slews of sales and end of the year events typically organized by electronic consumer retail venues, the possibility of iPhone 5 units not readily being available is one which may be encountered by consumers this year.

Given the demand for newer smartphone models, the said concerns of Apple and Foxconn cannot be isolated as a singular case, with the same problems bound to be encountered by other gadget makers and brands.

Bottom line, as December is fast approaching, electronic consumers may have to prepare themselves in not being able to get their dream gadget as soon as they expected.

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